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Hearing that, Akito covered his mouth with his hand and said as though he had remembered something.

"The time I finish with my club activities and meet with you guys is often late, right?".

"Yeah. Usually around after 6 or 7?".

"I've been feeling there were more Class C students around that would be normal. The other day when we met up at Keyaki Mall, Komiya was there. He's here now too".

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Akito is the sharp one in our group, he's got excellent observation skills.

Haruka tried to look around but Akito stopped her.

"Stop it. We don't know what they're after, it's better not to react".

I would've stopped her if Akito hadn't done so first. It's for the best if we avoid adding fuel to the flames as much as we can.

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Haruka spitefully said while looking in the direction Komiya's in without even trying to hide it.

"So it's really true? That Class D has a hidden mastermind?".

Perhaps Haruka wasn't taking it seriously, it appears she still has her doubts.

"No use thinking about it, Haruka. Ryuuen's got no qualms about lying. There's no telling whether we've got someone like that or not".

Akito said while denying the very premise of it. However, it looks like Keisei's thinking about it from a different angle.

"I'm sure Ryuuen's thought it out. He's having us tailed precisely because he believes there's someone like that. But if so, then who could it be?".

"Hmm? You think there's someone like that?".

"If not, then none of their actions would make sense".

Akito didn't seem too convinced.

"That's assuming there's any meaning to the things Ryuuen thinks about".

Perhaps because of their entanglements up until now, Akito seems doubtful of that.