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The monsters were scattered all around the village and were acting rather strangely.

Some with axes were hacking at woodpiles; however, there wasn’t any wood on them. They kept on raising and lowering their axes repeatedly. Others were squatting at the corner of walls, facing the falls and continuously muttering incoherently.

Even more were walking towards the walls of buildings. They had lost all rationality but would still subconsciously walk towards the Road to the Underworld. However, they could not make out that they were facing a wall.

A few were floating about aimlessly in the village and would cry out and scream like madmen when they saw people who were still in possession of their mental faculties.

The protagonist was similar to them. He was also wearing torn and tattered clothing while he was holding a clumsy weapon in his hands.

In the yard of the house that the player had been born in, some basic weapons such as choppers, axes, sticks, and hayforks, etc. were present. During the gameplay, players would obtain other weapons as well. All of them could be used as and when he liked-as long as his stats were high enough.

Pei Qian chose a relatively handier weapon for a beginner – a chopper as he rushed towards the first monster he saw.

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This small monster was holding a hayfork and immediately sensed Pei Qian nearing it. Its long hayfork pierced forth even before Pei Qian’s chopper had hacked at it!

With a ‘tsk’ sound, Pei Qian saw that his health bar had diminished by more than half.

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Pei Qian hurriedly pressed a button to dodge as the hayfork-holding monster once again attacked when Pei Qian dodged. One more attack pierced Pei Qian, and his health bar was emptied.


The monster emitted eerier laughter as it turned and left.

All that was left was a black screen.

Pei Qian, “…”

Li Yada, “…”

It was a little awkward.

Gregor Ash.