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「What the hell is this…!?」

Cold-hearted and ruthless – merciless attack assailed them.

I know of this power which can even turn even the resort of the southern sea into the cold of mid-winter.

「Oi Oi, Why the hell are you having trouble with these small fries…? You trash…」

As I turned my gaze to the voice,


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The Ace of Ice King Academy – Sid-Euclius was there.

「S-Sid-san…!? Why are you here!?」

「Aa? That’s because you-」

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And when he began speaking.

「-HEY, Sid! It’s cold, hurry up and put away your〈Vanargand〉!」

A beach ball flew from behind – hitting him in the back of the head directly.


For a moment, he had a dangerous smile on his face, but…

The moment he learned that the person who threw the ball was the director of the Ice King Academy – Ferris-Dorahain,