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Poor child… I should give her a pay raise when we get back…

The annual meeting was over. The lucky draws were done, the claw machines were empty, and everyone’s stomachs were filled. They all began to leave the venue, one by one.

Pei Qian glanced at his watch. It was past 4 PM; the timing had been just right.

Many prizes had been distributed. Apart from cell phones and red packets—which were much easier to carry around, there had also been televisions, air purifiers, and game machines. They were much harder to carry.

Furthermore, almost all the one thousand people who came had won something. If they were to line up to collect their prizes one by one, it would have taken a long time.

Thus, the list of winners would be made available for all to see on the Intranet. Furthermore, each person would be notified of the prize that they won through the internal communications software.

After that, Upwind Logistics’ delivery men would be placed in charge of delivering the prizes to the winners’ doorsteps.

After all, everyone was already carrying bags of toys and chibi dolls. There was no way they could carry the prizes from the lucky draw as well.

Pei Qian was very satisfied with how the annual meeting had turned out.

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It had fulfilled his requirements perfectly!

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He had spent money and saved time; it was perfect!

Bao Xu left the event location sulking.

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What should he do?!

He had thought that he would be safe until the next Best Employee Selection.

He never would have thought that the grand prize for the annual meeting would be a trip —and a trip for two, at that!

It was troublesome enough having to travel alone; how was he going to find a partner to travel with?!

I want to die, I want to die…

He had no clue where he should go either. As he walked, his eyes suddenly brightened. He noticed a familiar-looking figure. Chen Kangtuo!

If his memory didn’t fail him, this fellow had won the same prize.