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In the game system of ‘best-of-three’ matches, both teams had already reached 1: 1. They entered the deciding round, and the atmosphere at the venue had reached its peak.

Fans from both sides cheered for the two teams amidst the enthusiastic cheers, however, they did not forget to shout ‘Go DGE’ at the same time, forming a special competition culture.

Tengda Corporation’s internal employees were neither at the front most nor the back most seats. Instead, they chose a slightly forward position in the center.

That was because the front row tickets were prepared for both teams’ core fans and supporters. Internal staff’s gift tickets should not affect the fans’ viewing experience.

The deciding round was still on the BP interface. Zhang Yuan took out his cell phone and checked the comments of the players on the internet. He found that only a small group of people were discussing the opening battle itself. Most of the topics were focused on the comparison between the IOI qualifiers and the GPL opening battle.

“The difference in venues between both parties is too huge. Wasn’t IOI organized by Long Yu Corporation and Finger Games? Why is the venue so shabby?”

“To be honest, the IOI competition feels like a complete copy of GOG. Even the settings and the BP in the game and the audience interface are very similar. Is there really no problem?”

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“I think it’s alright. They’re all similar types of games; there’s no need to be so harsh.”

“Sigh, who asked IOI’s competition to take place so late? GOG’s competition is already doing very well. It’s perfect in all aspects. IOI can easily give people the impression that it is imitating GOG, even though IOI was released before GOG.”

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“However, it’s still a little lacking no matter how you learn it. The details are much worse. Take the image of the contestants for example. Look at the GPL’s contestants. They are all tall and straight, and they look completely different. On IOI’s side, however, other than the players from FV team who are not bad, the rest of them still look like internet addicts. Their image is much worse.”

“Indeed, the accumulation of such details makes me feel like IOI’s competition is a fake version of GPL.”

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“Tengda is still awesome. I feel like it has brought the entire E-Sports industry forward by itself!”

Obviously, most viewers felt that the GPL league was more exciting than IOI’s qualifiers.

On one hand, it was because there were more gamers in GOG. On the other hand, it was because the details of GPL were done better.