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Is it true for how to make money online?

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I prioritize taking her down first.

(〈Burst Clay〉and〈Bind Psychic〉together is already troublesome enough, but…)

The president’s〈Aqua Queen〉will join them this time.

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(This is… going to be a pretty tough fight.)

Taking on three of the leading swordsmen in Thousand Blade Academy at once.

To be honest, it’s a pretty crazy battle.

(I don’t want to fight if possible, but…)

It will not be easy to do so.

(It would be easy to escape if I use Dark Shadow, but…)

This “special preparation” that the event-loving president, who sacrificed participating in the Christmas Party to prepare, will all amount to nothing.

If that’s the case, I’m sure she’ll sulk and wouldn’t let go of it for a long time.

(In other words, the condition for me to “win” in the truest sense of the word is…)

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To accept this hopelessly disadvantageous match of one vs three, and fall into some kind of “set-up” they’ve prepared, and break through from the front.

(Haa, how difficult… That’s a lot of work.)

When I sighed slightly,

「Fufu… I wonder if it is too much even for Allen-kun this time?」the president said, with a triumphant smile.