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“The student known as Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, has he shown the full extent of his abilities, or is he still holding back? No matter what the “real truth” is, we can hide it to ensure Ayanokouji continues to remain a thorn on their side for the other classes.”


“I see. I clearly understand what Horikita-san is trying to say.”

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Just as Keisei was about to press on Horikita, he was hit by covering fire from Yousuke, who had been observing from the start.

And then Yousuke slowly made his way over to Horikita’s side.

“I didn’t get it at first, but I’ve been listening to the discussion, and now I understand. It’s true that an enemy whose abilities are unknown can be dangerous. They will then want to know more and try to gather information. But if even our own classmates don’t know the truth, it’ll be pointless for them to keep digging.”

By lucidly conveying it to everyone around them, he supported Horikita and filled in the gaps in her arguments.

Judging that Yousuke was her ally, Horikita joined in step with him and agreed.

“Yeah. He’s bound to attract attention in the future anyway, so let’s just make full use of him. Letting our opponents see him as an unknown factor is the better course of action. There might even be students outside listening in on us right now. This is that kind of school.”

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Everyone glanced towards the hallway. Was the student known as Ayanokouji only good at math, or did his excellence extend to the other subjects? We will mislead the other classes and make them wonder about how much of a threat I should be considered. When mixed with Yousuke’s, Horikita’s words immediately became heavier.

“Horikita-san really is good, isn’t she? I’m a little moved.”

Right then, Kei struck with a casual statement.

“Don’t you think so as well, Shinohara-san?”

Then she sought agreement from her own friend, Shinohara.

I think she was trying to split the others’ attention by drawing it away from my abilities and elevating Horikita as well. Even though I hadn’t given Kei a signal or instructions like I did with Yosuke, she instantly understood what she had to do and did it.

“That’s right! I feel like I’ve been seeing Horikita-san and Ayanokouji-kun talking secretly for a long time now, but it turns out that they’re really just doing it for the class!”

When she first came to school, Horikita didn’t talk to anyone but me.

This fact, in the end, turned out to be useful material.