Online to give money

Online to give money

Zhu Xingan pondered for a moment. “We can reward them with unimpeded reading for a week on the second day, and unimpeded reading for a month on the seventh day.”

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“Er… that’s quite repetitive.” Ma Yiqun shook his head. “What’s more, most readers wouldn’t see a difference between a week and a month of unimpeded reading.

“If they like our novels, we can successfully retain them by just giving them a week. If they don’t like our novels, even giving them a month wouldn’t work.

“We need something more exciting.”

Zhu Xingan fell into deep thought. Finally, he said, “Let’s give them something related to the game. The people being directed to our site are gamers; they would likely be interested in rewards like that.”

Ma Yiqun clapped his hands. “Good! That’s a good idea!

“If we hold a combined event with the game, more gamers would be attracted! What’s more, we won’t need additional funds for this. That means we won’t have to report this to Boss Pei. I’ll just have to mention it to Li Yada in private.

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“It’s settled then. We will give them three full days of unimpeded reading on their first day. On the second day, we will give them seven full days of unimpeded reading. On the seventh day, we will give them a prop for the game.

“We’ll give them rewards on the other days as well, such as Zhongdian coins, discounts, and the like.”

Zhu Xingan nodded. “Alright, I’ll go and talk to the operations staff. We’ll come up with a plan as soon as possible.”

Everyone in Zhongdian Chinese Network came alive at once.

Armies were trained for months just for a single day of battle. Boss Pei had already directed so much traffic to the website. If they failed to retain new readers, everyone would have let Boss Pei down. They could pack their bags and go home!

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Ma Yiqun sent a message to Li Yada, and the two began discussing a combined event for the game and website in detail.

At Upwind Logistics’s headquarters…

At the moment, Pei Qian had already opened more than a hundred Upwind Courier stations. This number was going to increase to over two hundred soon.