Which software to make money online?

Which software to make money online?

Conversely, reviews that were more subjective and more emotive might be more readily acceptable by them.

Hardcore Reviews had adopted this direct presentation method. It had used a table knife to hack at the rear cover of phones; the harder it was to smash the cover, the better the phone. This was a much more direct and acceptable way of showing the durability of a cell phone rather than a truckload of technical information.

Hence, after Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce had done their research, they had decided to combine short videos with digital product reviews and for this to be the new direction for Fei Huang Workspace!

Two main reasons had led to this decision.

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First, Fei Huang Workspace’s documentary filming experience had racked in significant losses. Boss Pei had to step in to cover the deficit. All Fei Huang Workspace employees had felt a little dejected and that they had let Boss Pei down.

Hence, Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce decided that they had to find a way to start generating profits.

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Digital product reviews were one of the best ways to do so. Occasional sponsored partnerships that were not overdone and did not involve false advertisements or lying to people could work. Adding to that-if viewers could participate in lucky draws as well, this model would be feasible.

Second, short videos were a forte of Fei Huang Workspace. Boss Pei’s Daily Life had attained explosive success, and Zhu Xiaoce had already proved his mettle at persistently producing creative ideas for short videos as the director.

Compared to other platforms and companies, Fei Huang Workspace’s short videos were more professional and interesting; this was a core advantage.

Huang Sibo was very excited as he elaborated on Fei Huang Workspace’s future plans.

Pei Qian heard Huang Sibo talk as his heart suddenly grew cold.

Darn it; I knew that this call would not be anything good!

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Pei Qian had not expected that a product review program he had casually created had given Huang Sibo and company such inspiration? Who could have predicted this?

However, Pei Qian calmed down and thought about this. He felt that things were not as bad as they seemed yet.

Digital products were being developed at such a fast pace while product review channels and programs abounded. Although it was still flourishing, all sorts of review programs were surfacing at lightning speed; the competition was extremely intense.

After all, since Huang Sibo and company could see prospects in digital product reviews, others could as well.