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While observing the parallel world, the protagonist would notice this game designer. Thus, using his limited powers, he would find a UP Master in the game channel and then cause the UP Master to ‘accidentally’ download the game and start playing it.

The UP Master would recommend the game on his own initiative, causing it to become popular at once. From then on, things would spiral out of control. All of these would cause the game designer’s dreams to come true.

Of course, since this story was only the beginning, it would be relatively simple.

As the plot developed, the story would become more and more complicated.

For example, there would be an extremely wealthy antagonist in the book. He would be the boss of a multinational corporation, and he would love acquiring game companies all over the world if they had good reputations. He would then milk every last cent from those companies.

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To force these game companies into acquisition, he would resort to dirty tricks, plant moles in the companies, or smear their reputations online to cause them to run into financial difficulties. In the end of the dayto pressure the companies that he liked, he would resort to anything.

The protagonist’s mission would be to ruin the antagonist’s plans by changing certain details in the world using the butterfly effect, which he had become extremely familiar with. By doing so, he would be saving the good-hearted game companies from being maliciously acquired.

All in all, the protagonist would have to use his golden fingers and the ‘butterfly effect’ to influence everyone in the parallel world and help them to achieve their dreams.

All of those people could come from various industries. They could be game designers, entrepreneurs, cafe bosses, singers, actors, directors, writers…

There would be a whole host of characters like that.

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As time went by, the people whom the protagonist had helped would help one another and affect one another. It would get harder and harder to anticipate how things would develop.

As the supporting characters continue to mature and their lives begin to intertwine with one another’s, the protagonist’s butterfly effect would grow more powerful. Take a child who faced the possibility of dropping out of school for example. Thanks to the protagonist’s butterfly effect, the child would get financial assistance from a good-hearted person.