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“I didn’t say that you haven’t grown. It’s just a matter of how much.”

“You might not believe it, Sakayanagi-san, but I don’t think we’ll lose.”

Sakayanagi smiled slightly, and slowly shook her head.

“If you look at the OAA, it’s obvious at first glance that your class has grown the least out of the four when comparing the overall abilities of when we were 1st years to now. I thought you would’ve done analysis on this level as well… Is it that you knew, and pretended not to notice, or is it because you were afraid to face reality, that you didn’t dare check…”

Ichinose recalled the time when she had been alone with Sakayanagi.

They were like a child and an adult respectively.

It was only natural that she would be refuted, and felt like she was being pushed into a corner by Sakayanagi.

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Faced with Sakayanagi, who was precisely attacking her weaknesses, a rebuttal would be blocked.

“You’re a smart student. If we were to compete on equal footing, you would definitely not be weaker than me. However, when you are in a disadvantageous situation, you can’t demonstrate your strengths. Whether it was last time, or this time, you could only stay silent after being attacked through your weaknesses. However, both Ryuuen-kun and I are able to bare our fangs even if we’re in a disadvantageous situation, you know?”


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These two people would probably not doubt that they were strong no matter what the situation was.

“I can say for sure now, that you have no chance at winning, Ichinose-san.”

“Did you call me out just to tell me that?”

“If it was just to find fault within you, I could have done that anywhere. I wouldn’t waste a precious holiday.”

At that moment, Sakayanagi decided to tell Ichinose the real reason as to why she had called her out today.

“Why don’t you work with me? Ichinose-san.”


Sakayanagi’s proposal was so unexpected that Ichinose couldn’t say a word in response.