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“Can this unrealistic story really be accepted by him?”

“It’s hard to say… he won’t believe it immediately. But once he understands that this is the truth, he will definitely stand by the students. I can attest to that. He will not succumb to power and will carry out his beliefs.”

If there was no other person more suitable than he was, I wouldn’t be dissatisfied.

Knowing that there’s a teacher like that close to me… It’s definitely not a bad thing.

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“I have high expectations for both him and Chabishira sensei, who graduated from the same year. It should not be difficult to talk to them.”

“I see. It’s Mashima-sensei, right? I’ll first talk to Chabashira-sensei, and then I’ll do what I can to make sure the conversation goes smoothly.”

“This is not going to be easy. People are everywhere, and there are surveillance cameras throughout the school. You’ll have to consider the time and place of the meeting very carefully.”

Tsukishiro didn’t watch me 24/7, but even so, it wouldn’t be surprising if he had some sort of warning system. If he found out that I was meeting Mashima secretly, it would be extremely suspicious.

I didn’t know where Tsukishiro usually was, but he could freely move around the school. If I were to run into him into the corner now, it wouldn’t be surprising at all.

“It would be easier for me to act if you gave me some suggestions.”

I sought advice from Chairman Sakayanagi, who knew the staff at the Advanced Nurturing High School more than anyone else.

I sought advice from Chairman Sakayangi, who understood Advanced Nurturing High School more than anyone else and understood the duties of a director.

“If you are to act as soon as possible… then you should do this. After the graduation ceremony, the third-year students and the teachers all have to attend the closing ceremony afterwards. According to tradition, the director has to attend every year as well. In other words, Tsukishiro will definitely go and participate. No matter if he’s interested in it or not, he still has to perform his duties.”

“So, if he neglects his role as the chairman, he’ll definitely get in trouble with the school?”

“Mhm. That’s the case here.”