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Make money ideas online

Thus, although they were being offered more money by the other party, someone took a firm stand!

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Pei Qian paused.

He was quite shocked… not because his subordinates had been bribed but because… he did not expect someone to spend money on such useless updates.

The branch at Ming Yun Villas was doing so horribly. Why was there a need to plant spies?

Do you have too much money and nowhere to spend it? Just give it to me, then!

Pei Qian casually asked, “How much is he paying you?”

One of the waiters hesitated for a second, and then said, “Five hundred yuan for normal updates, and three thousand yuan for important updates.”

To Li Shi, the waiters would definitely not be able to resist this sum of money. However, he had underestimated the exceptional welfare that employees of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe enjoyed.

Pei Qian began cursing in his heart.

Why the hell do things like that not happen to me?

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These are just updates about Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s branch at Ming Yun Villas. Three thousand yuan for some updates? I can sell so many updates to you that you go bankrupt, do you believe that?

Translated by: Sads07

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“No way~, thanks a lot, big brother. And thank you too, Amae.”

It was a critical situation at the back of the school building, but I managed to let it pass, and soon found Karui.

When she arrived at school, she realized that she was empty-handed and in her church habit, so she was loitering around the school gate.

“Well, Amae still got to enter the school grounds with big brother. Did you make a scene~?”

“... Well ...”

I... made a scene....... In the end, it was settled peacefully.