What is mobile game online?

What is mobile game online?

“Really!? Ayanokouji-kun, thank you!”

After I agreed to help her, Kushida had a delighted smile on her face.

… Cute. Because I said that I would help, I can’t be rash and do something crazy.

“So, what exactly are we doing? Even if you say you want to be friends with her, it’s not that simple.”

For someone like me who doesn’t have any friends, it’s a difficult problem I can’t answer easily.

“Hmm… First step is to make Horikita smile.”

“Make her smile, huh.”

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Making her smile requires the right mood and atmosphere for us to succeed.

That kind of relationship might be called “friendship”.

Luckily, though, Kushida seems to know how to make people smile.

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“Do you have any ideas on how to make her smile?”

“Um… I thought that we could think about it together.”

With an apologetic “Teehee”, she lightly tapped her head.

If it was an ugly woman I would’ve immediately hit her, but it was fine because it was Kushida.


Somehow, because Kushida asked me to help, my goal now is to make Horikita smile. Is that goal even possible? Very questionable.

“Anyway, after school, I will try to invite Horikita. When I return to the dorms, I probably won’t have any arms or legs left. Is there any place I should invite her to?”

“Hmm, how about Pallet? I go to Pallet often, so she might have overheard us talking about it.”

Pallet is probably the 1st or 2nd most popular cafe on campus.