Very few people know how to make money

Very few people know how to make money

You’re already dead, so you won’t starve to death.

However, if you can read a book or feel bored, I felt a simple question about such hunger so I asked.

Then the trainer gave it a little thought, but immediately shook his head.

『Hmm... certainly there is no such desire. For instance, if there is an unknown food, I may desire to know the taste later...』

“I see...”

『Ah. So do not worry about such trifles.』

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Don’t worry, Tre’ainar says.

In fact, when I was eating a meal in the mansion, I was with Sadiz, and I was so obsessed with training that I wasn’t worried.

But now I’m out in the outside world, and I’m already with him.

And, even if last night was an exception, I’m the only one who ate a dish outside.

Something is a little lonely, too......

“......excuse me.”

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“Yes, sir.”

Once I realized, I called the clerk.