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On the other hand, Lin Jiaqiang was considered a great contributor to Meng Chang’s commission. Meng Chang naturally loved him and was much closer to him.

Lin Jiaqiang was having fun as well. However, he still had to provide for his family. He could not stay in Jingzhou forever. Thus, he decided to leave.

Meng Chang had already tried to persuade him to stay a few times previously. Lin Jiaqiang had already changed his air tickets twice. Therefore, he did not try to persuade him to stay this time. He only said that he would look for him immediately if there was a chance to cooperate in the future and personally sent Lin Jiaqiang to the airport.

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Lin Jiaqiang was naturally very grateful.

Lin Jiaqiang suddenly thought of something as he was about to board the plane.

“Boss Meng, I have a presumptuous request.”

Meng Chang was stunned. “Go ahead.”

Lin Jiaqiang was a little embarrassed as he said, “Boss Meng, can you give me a smart fitness drying rack? I also want to go back and exercise a little. After all, I’ve been getting older recently. My body is getting weaker year by year.”

Logically speaking, it was only right for the celebrities endorsing the products to be given more samples.

However, Meng Chang felt that Lin Jiaqiang definitely did not need such a thing. He might even be despised if he gave it to him. Therefore, he did not give it to him at all. He only brought Lin Jiaqiang to Jingzhou to have fun for a few days.

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Now that Lin Jiaqiang had taken the initiative to ask for one, it was no big deal.

Meng Chang knew that the smart fitness drying rack was filled with Tengda’s warehouses in Jingzhou and could not be sold at all. What’s more, giving one to Tengda would incur losses. Why not?

Meng Chang smiled. “No problem. I’ll arrange for someone to deliver it to your house and arrange for someone to install it!”

Lin Jiaqiang quickly said, “Thank you so much!”

Actually, Lin Jiaqiang only had this thought on a whim.

He had been obese since he was young. When he was young, he had no choice but to maintain such a fat and ugly figure in order to film. However, now that he was older, this obese body had also brought him many diseases.

There was nothing else to film. What was the point of being so fat?

Therefore, Lin Jiaqiang had always wanted to train a little. Putting aside whether he would lose weight or not, wouldn’t it be better for him to be healthy and live for a few more years?

However, he could not persevere no matter how hard he tried.