Online posting article how to make money

Online posting article how to make money

After taking this factor into consideration, discounts and even free activities could be done more frequently.

What’s more, what if he created a platform and bypassed the official platform’s approach? He might even anger the official platform and remove Tengda’s recommendation spots on the official platform.

It was unlikely, but it would be great if it could really happen!

The more Pei Qian thought about it, the more he felt the need to create his own gaming platform.

The main reason was that his entire life was now in the hands of the official platform. They were constantly doing special questions, recommending, and increasing commission. Pei Qian did not dare to say anything even though he was angry. That was too unbearable.

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Do something stupid and provoke the official platform!

What’s more, if this gaming platform operated well, perhaps he could incur losses?

Of course, lying down could also make money. That was everyone’s consensus.

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However, it was up to him.

He could think of some ways to change this situation.

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Pei Qian fell deep in thought.

As he was thinking about this, a knock on his door rang out.

Pei Qian looked up and saw Meng Chang.

“Boss Pei, I’m here to receive this month’s task.”

Meng Chang looked much more energetic. He had shaved his beard clean, had a neat hairstyle, and was dressed appropriately. What’s more, the calm and composed feeling that he once had seemed to have returned.

Pei Qian was pleasantly surprised.

It looked like Meng Chang was really getting better?

It did seem very meaningful to help him get a guaranteed commission previously. After such a long period of adjustment, Meng Chang’s mental state seemed to have completely recovered.