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Sakayanagi was the first to put the pieces together. Indeed, this man, Ryūen, had come here alone. Kaneda was nowhere to be seen.

“The special exam can’t even start without the commanders. In other words, if it just so happens that the commander is absent, then someone else’ll naturally have to fill in for ‘em. Ain’t that right?”

An unforeseen absence on the very day of the exam was certainly something that could happen.

There was probably some sort of system in place where one or two people would be ready as substitutes for the commander’s position.

And, of course, the substitute commander would be the one to take responsibility should their class lose the exam.

“Even so, I never even considered that you might show up, Ryūen-kun.”

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“Well, duh? Considering the type of person you are, Ichinose, even if you broke out in a fever or got yourself injured, you’d come crawling here on your hands and knees to prevent your classmates from having to risk getting expelled.”

If they lose the exam, there would be no way to prevent the commander’s expulsion other than using a protection point. Just as Sakayanagi had said, the preconceived notion that the people with protection points would end up becoming the commanders had been a critical misconception.

Ichinose nervously cleared her throat.

Back when the special exam was first announced, Ichinose naturally must’ve been at least a little bit cautious about who the opposing commanders would be. However, when Kaneda showed up as the commander back when the class matchups were decided, she probably ended up dismissing this possibility altogether.

In her head, the process of elimination had probably happened without her even realizing it.

She ended up concluding that the special exam would be a competition between the students who had gotten their hands on protection points.

“Surely there must be some sort of penalty for you to participate as a substitute, right?”

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“Yeah, Kaneda isn’t allowed to participate in any events. It ain’t that unreasonable.”

Ryūen was saying that this penalty was something he had already taken into consideration.

“Did you do this to throw me off? Even if you did, isn’t it disadvantageous for you that Kaneda-kun can’t participate?”