How to make money on Tudou online

How to make money on Tudou online

Qiao Liang played for a while. He was very satisfied with Repent and be Saved’s new mode. He saved the progress for now and to savor the game slowly.

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Then, he opened Ocean Stronghold to check the downloadable content.

While Ocean Stronghold was widely known for its 888 yuan Red Kilin and rich PvP mode, the plot of the game was definitely not bad.

When the game was first released, many gamers became enamoured with it because of Ocean Stronghold’s unique plot in domestically-produced FPS games.

Strictly speaking, the plot of Ocean Stronghold was very simple. Players were interacting with a little girl who did not know how to speak the entire time other than shooting. However, it was still very outstanding after enough details were produced even with such a simple plot.

Boss Pei had already shown his talent in the game plot design so early on.

The content of the downloadable content could not be more than the original plot, right? Qiao Liang pondered.

The game’s flow would be quite short if he considered the scale of the original plot and reduced it slightly.... He would be able to finish it in a short while.

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Qiao Liang entered Ocean Stronghold’s story mode with such thoughts running in his mind.

Ocean Stronghold was essentially still an online game. More than 90%!o(MISSING)f the gamers spent their time playing it. Comparatively, its story mode was more like an addendum. Every once in a while, it would update a small part of the plot to entertain gamers who were addicted to shooting. At the same time, it would advertise the new epic weapon.

There was a special highlights effect on the button for the story mode to hint at new plot updates.

Qiao Liang entered the story mode and was stunned.

That was because the new story mode was not squeezed together with the previous entry but at a totally new entry point. It was impressive from the start.

This made Qiao Liang feel a little strange. According to his estimates, the new story mode would only last two to three hours. There was no need to create a new entry. It was quite a waste.

Could this story mode be rather important? That didn’t make sense, right?

Qiao Liang began to experience the new story mode with a little confusion.

The screen was dark. First, an emotionless electronic voice sounded in his ear. “AS-371-45 Team. Mission Objective: Sneak into the Zergs’ nest and search for the Zerg Queen. Execute the decapitation operation.”

A deep male voice answered in a calm tone. “Roger.”

An image of the game appeared on the screen. It was still played from the first-person perspective. In front of the screen was a special round platform was a set of “Cloud Sparrow Type III Battle Armor” that had been taken off. On the right shoulder was the archaic character “righteousness”.