Is it true that the online typing part-time money is true?

Is it true that the online typing part-time money is true?

Pei Qian sounded extremely sincere when he said the last four words.

However, when Meng Chang heard that, he felt that something was amiss.

“No, I have to spend this sum of money immediately. Things might change if I delay!”

Meng Chang was shocked by Boss Pei’s call. He decided on the spot to spend the money immediately!

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The current him was very particular about taking out a bag for comfort.

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The twenty million yuan had already been allocated to the advertising and marketing department for publicity. However, as long as he did not spend it, the actual authority of the money would still be in Boss Pei’s hands.

What if Boss Pei went back on his word?

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For example, what if he took the money back under the guise of a cash flow?

While Meng Chang felt that Boss Pei would not do something so shameless, he had to guard against it for the sake of commission.

Therefore, Meng Chang took advantage of the fact that he was still working on Friday to hold a small meeting. He gathered all his subordinates and decided on the publicity plan for next week.

ALL IN and spend all the publicity funds directly without leaving a single cent!

In any case, success or failure would depend on this. They would just have to wait for the game to be released and the movie to be released on May 1st after spending it. The remaining half a month would be completely up to fate.

The employees of the Advertisement and marketing department followed Meng Chang’s instructions as usual. Soon, they went back to work.

The publicity budget this time was all spent on the promotion of the ‘classic domestically-produced gaming compilation’. There was no promotion of the game ‘Mission and Choice’, and no publicity film.

Logically speaking, the publicity of a movie was also a highlight. Many blockbusters’ publicity budgets were usually the same as the filming budget, easily reaching hundreds of millions of yuan.

These publicity funds included various online and offline resources, such as display boards, banners, posters, and so on in the major cinemas. These materials had to be spent.

However, Meng Chang obviously did not plan to spend a single cent there.

Wouldn’t advertising the movie be the same as advertising the game?

Players were not stupid. Once they saw the name of the movie, they would naturally think of that old game. They would definitely become suspicious.