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Touched by Sie’s beauty, they raised voices of praise.

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However, at the same time, there was common parlance here and there.

「Kuku… Numero-dono has a pretty『unique taste』. Imagine that beautiful face distorted in pain. It will be most irresistible!」

「Yes, exactly. I wonder how much humiliation she can bear!」

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「And Number 10 is the daughter of that House Arcstria! To degrade a high-class woman like that… Fuhihi, I can’t help but to get excited whenever I see it!」

When Numero and Sie were in place in front of the altar, a young priest who was offering prayers to God at the back of the cathedral, slowly stood up.

With an extremely friendly smile, he moved straight to the front of the altar and cleared his throat.

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「Today we are going to conduct the wedding of Numero Dolan and Sie Arcstria. First of all, I’d like to open the ceremony with a few words–」

「Nufufu, long greetings are unnecessary! Let’s start with the ceremony!」

The short-tempered and impatient Numero interrupted the priest’s words and gave orders.

「Is that so… Then, let me add just one word as a priest. God says, today will be a holy day.」

After shortly summarizing his opening statement, he started the『vow ceremony』.

「Groom Numero Dolan. Do you swear to accept the love of bride Sie Arcstria with thy merciful heart, and to handle her with care as much as your heart would allow?」