What type of online courses make money

What type of online courses make money

"While she was running behind me, that girl called out my name many times over".

So that's why she turned back to look occasionally during the match.

"Of course I thought it was strange. But soon after I turned back to look, we collided with each other and rest went exactly as you saw it. I would have objected but if this were an ordinary collision then she shouldn't have been calling out my name".

Certainly, there's a high likelihood that this was a surprise attack.

"Honestly, I can't keep up with it.....to think we're still in the middle of all this.....".

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Taking the entire school into account, Horikita would be the third person to be injured.

There was a 2nd year who fell during their race and had to withdraw due to their leg injury but in their case, there's nothing in particular to worry about since it was an isolated incident.

"Rather than worry about me, you should be more worried about yourself. Your results are worse than mine right?".

Horikita, who took 1st place, 3rd place and then 7th place now due to the collision, currently stands at 30 points. I'm standing at 27 points. Close as it may be, there's no changing the fact that I'm still losing out.

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"I'll do my best. But, don't push yourself too, ok?".

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"I intend on participating in the contests even if I have to crawl to do it".

Leaving behind Horikita, who said such words, I made a move to prepare for the next contest: the three-legged race.

"How's Horikita-san doing?".

Hirata, having ascertained the situation from a distance, worriedly called out to me.