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Pei Qian had always treated his own employees equally. Whether it was brain labor or physical labor, they had to attend the annual meeting together and enjoy the same benefits.

Of course, some employees who were not in Jingzhou could not participate.

For example, the incubation base, the Cold-Faced Lady, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, and Fish-Catching Take-Out in other cities’. They had all been given budgets and got the person-in-charge to make his own arrangements. It did not matter if it was a meal or bonus for the annual meeting. All they had to do was spend all the money on the employees.

Pei Qian really did not know where he could hold the annual meeting with such a huge team of 1,800 people.

They had booked 100 tables from an entire hotel for last year’s annual meeting. It had not been easy to fit so many people in.

However, the number of people this year had almost doubled. no hotel could probably accommodate so many people.

However, it would be strange if he were to separate these people into several halls or private rooms. The annual meeting had to be held for the lucky draw. He could not separate the few halls for the lucky draw, right? Something was amiss.

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Thus, Pei Qian did not know how Assistant Xin had arranged it. He had also left Assistant Xin’s proposal in the office previously. He could only wait until the annual meeting was held.

Little Sun arrived downstairs at 11 PM sharp. He picked Pei Qian up and headed straight to the annual meeting.

Pei Qian sat in the car and played with his cell phone for a while. When he looked up again, he suddenly felt that this route was very familiar.

Pei Qian naturally did not remember routes since he did not drive. He might have lived in Jingzhou for more than two years but he was still not familiar with the city.

However, the route today was very familiar because he seemed to have walked it many times.

On a closer look, wasn’t that the Great World?