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All of these were within Boss Pei’s plan after all. He just had to mention it briefly. If he said it too carefully, it would be a waste of Boss Pei’s precious time.

“Also, Boss Pei, I want to apply for additional investment in a project.”

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Pei Qian was not very interested. He asked casually, “Oh, what project?”

He Desheng might be the person-in-charge of Dream Realization Ventures now but he could only choose and not take the initiative to invest because of the company’s special rules.

In other words, He Desheng could only decide whether to invest after the other companies handed in their investment proposals and it was their turn to queue.

That brought about a problem. He had submitted an investment proposal a long time ago, like Star Bird Fitness, but he had not been able to get it. Or perhaps some companies had not submitted an investment proposal at all. He Desheng could not invest.

If he wanted to invest, he had to get Boss Pei’s approval first.

These projects that had already been invested would definitely require Boss Pei’s agreement if they were to invest beyond the rules.

This time, he must have set his sights on a project and come to ask for Boss Pei’s opinion.

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It was precisely because of this that Pei Qian lost interest.

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A project that He Desheng was interested in would definitely make money! He probably could not invest in it.

However, it was obviously not appropriate to reject him directly without asking.