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And then, shortly after, the light of the electric torch went far off. It seemed to be over. Just to be sure, I approached cautiously. And then, there………

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Near a big tree, there was Horikita’s figure, covered in mud, who lost consciousness and she really looked like she was dying.

A keycard was dropped to the ground near her hand that had no force left. On her injured body, traces of excavated soil. Looking at the situation, it was confirmed that Horikita has been found out as the class leader by none other than Ibuki. After picking up the keycard, I hoisted Horikita up in my arms.

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I felt a sense of discomfort when I held her in my arms. I sighed faintly and Horikita, slowly but surely, opened her eyes very weakly.

“Did you come to your senses?”


Whether she could understand the situation, she uttered another faint comment.

“……my head….hurts……”

“You have a high fever. It’s better for you not to strain to talk”

“I see….I, to Ibuki……..but, why are you here?”

Even if I told her to sleep, Horikita would concern herself with this and that problem while her fever was still rising. Then, she started to understand the situation little by little.

“As expected… was Ibuki who stole my card”

“I see”