What software is the best to make money on the Internet?

What software is the best to make money on the Internet?

Oh, some genius from Tieba?

That’s fine, that’s fine.

Pei Qian was relieved.

Tieba was indeed the place where hidden talents abound. Especially at this time of the year, Tieba was quite widely used. Although the good was mixed with the bad, some talents could be found. However, people who were only good at posturing and puffing themselves up were quite common.

Based on probability, that Ma Yang would find someone of the latter caliber was rather likely.

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“Could you give more details?” Pei Qian composed himself and sipped his tea again. Seeing Pei Qian so concerned with his progress, Ma Yang also became more alert as he reported seriously.

“This person I have found is a small cafe owner on GPU Forum. He is very talented and is very famous in Tieba!

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“I was thinking; if I want to open a LAN shop, the most important thing would be computers, right? I can’t possibly buy models from a famous brand at this time, right? If I want to be special, I have to make my own; fix them up myself!

“However, I don’t know how to do this. Hence, I am trying to poach a genius to come and help. He knows how to build computers and knows computer hardware better than me. My decision is okay, right?”

Pei Qian nodded furiously, “Yes, nothing wrong! Good thinking!”

Pei Qian had been a little worried. However, after hearing that this helper was an internet cafe owner, Pei Qian suddenly felt much more relaxed.

As the saying went: ‘If one went into the GPU Forum with three thousand yuan as a budget, he would end up spending much more when he left.’

If one went into the Tualatin?Forum1?with three thousand yuan, he could actually leave with some money left over to open an internet cafe.