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Allen, who called the current brutality a rehabilitation, was hit by a sudden gust of wind filled with bloodlust.


He easily warded off the obvious artificial wind and turned to the direction it came from.

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「Yo, Monster. It’s not over yet…」

「Alleeeeen… I’ll never lose to you!」

There was Fu and Dodriel, who recovered completely from the damage they received earlier, gripping an unstable soul dress.

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「O”o, you can still stand? So you’re not entirely useless toys!」

Allen looked at the broken toys in front of him in a slightly better light.

Fu and Dodriel began exchanging secret talks in whispers.

「This will be your second one, right? Can you do it, Dodriel?」

「Ahaa… To be honest, I don’t want to do it…」

The two men, who suffered deadly injuries a while ago, took a special spirit pill.

An item of the highest quality distributed only to executives and a few close to them.

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Due to a number of experiments, they successfully developed a pill with reduced side effects and increased self-healing abilities.

However, the maximum dosage is one per day.

More than that, terrible pain assaults the body and it wouldn’t even be possible to stand straight anymore.

「Fuuu… I agree. I just want to run away right now, but… There’s no way we can turn a blind eye to that monster.」

Fu resolved himself to fight and gave instructions to Dodriel.

「That ridiculous physical ability… we have no chance of winning in close quarters. We’ll entomb him with our strongest long-range attack by pouring in all our spiritual power!」