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“Alright then, Sudō-kun, you should accept her offer.”

“W-wait, Suzune. There’s no way we’ll just like, be allowed to start a fight at school. Things get outta hand real quick. Remember that stuff that happened last year? Or even earlier today at lunch when that Hōsen guy came to stir shit up a little bit?”

Last year, Sudō got into a fight with the guys in Ryūen’s class, which ended up turning into a huge ordeal.

And earlier today, a commotion broke out when Hōsen visited our classroom.

“It’s true that fighting isn’t something to be admired. However, if both sides are willing, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Wouldn’t you agree, Ayanokōji-kun?”

I took a moment to consider Horikita’s intentions behind asking me this.

If you were to ask if there was a problem, then the answer would naturally be yes.

Win or lose, even if both parties decide not to oppose the fight and go at it, there’s no way that the school would tolerate something that essentially boiled down to a duel between students.

However, Horikita’s response made it sound as though she was condoning the fight.

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“You’re right. There’s no way the school’s staff would approve of the fight if they caught wind of it. But if it’s mutually agreed upon by the students, then it shouldn’t really be a big deal.”

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I answered as though I didn’t have a problem with it.

“O-oi, Ayanokōji!”