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「It’s been getting chilly lately.」

I brought up the subject while looking out the window.

「That’s right. I think I like the climate as it is now.」

「Hmm, I prefer a little cooler.」

When Ria and Rose said that, their gaze turned towards me.

「As for me… Let’s see. Autumn is moderately cool and I can swing calmly, so I quite like it.」

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「Then, what about winter?」

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Ria asked, tilting her head.

「Ah, winter is good, too. The cold tenses my body and mind, so I can focus on every single swing.」

「Hou, how about spring?」

Rose asked this time.

「Yeah, spring is good, too. It’s warm so I can swing my sword comfortably.」

「「What about summer then?」」

Ria and Rose asked at the same time.

「Summer is good, too… Especially the harsh heat is good.『This is what true training feels like!』That feeling is best.」

「Fufu… Haa, Allen judges everything by their usefulness for training.」

「Well, it seems that Allen is the『cricket of training』.」1