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I looked at the classroom. Two guys are observing us while laughing at me for making a fool out of myself. This isn’t just my persecutory delusion. It’s actually quite severe, and it makes me sad.

So, Uehara-kun frowned explicitly and fiercely glared at them. Crap.

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I quickly continued.

“Uh, you don’t need to do that, Uehara-kun. In reality, I’m a professional gag material.”

“But you…”

“Moreover, like what I’ve said before, I think this keeps me winded up. …Indeed, as long as I’m in this class.”

“Winded up?”


I scratched my cheeks as I continued.

“Think about it, …recently, people like you’re willing to talk to me like this, and Tendou is willing to date me. …This way, I think I may get complacent from time to time. I thought I’ve become ‘some kind of figures’ finally.”

“Some kind of figures, …really.”

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Although I put it in a very abstract way, I didn’t expect Uehara-kun to understand it instantly. …I guess he felt the same since he only became popular in high school.

“Keita Amano is Tendou-san’s boyfriend while also being a member of the Game Hobby Club. Just like that, I feel like I…got some kind of titles, characters, or a place that I belong to. …It’s because everyone is so nice to me.”

“Eh, that’s indeed what’s happening, right. You’re Tendou’s boyfriend, and Keita Amano from the Game Hobby Club.”

“You’re right. However, …that’s just something that Tendou-san, Chiaki, Aguri-san, and you have given me. This isn’t a title or a character that I earned for myself. I can acknowledge this, …as long as I’m in this class where none of you can protect me.”