How does the online WeChat platform make money?

How does the online WeChat platform make money?

“You’re just as mean when it comes to choosing lines, okay!?”

Our eyes ignited as we looked at each other. However, after a few seconds, we felt exhausted and sighed before returning to our work.

So, Konoha-san checked the shelf again as she sighed.

“Forget about my ability difference with onee-chan first. Anyway, I’m always envious of something that only onee-chan has.”

“Uh, any examples?”

After my question, Konoha-san paused for a moment and answered.

“Her ability to fall in love with anything. Her ability to concentrate on anything. Talents, art skills- things like that, I guess.”

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“Ah, I can understand that too.”

Chiaki and I are often treated as the same person. However, when it comes to creativity, I always feel that Chiaki’s incredibly charming…to the point that my chest hurts.

Konoha-san continued.

“To put it simply, it means that I have to change myself into something of myself, right? If that’s the case, it’s just ordinary trouble you can find everywhere. However, I’m painfully aware of it. …It’s because I was really just a…boring elite student in the past.”

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Konoha-san laughed a bit self-depreciatingly. For some reason, I felt pissed and answered her with a stern face.