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I thought so inwardly, but I listened to the continuation of the explanation without interrupting them.

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「Each club selects three of their best members and aims for the pinnacle of the academy – a large amount of club budget! The match format is of course a one-on-one serious sword match! 」

「I-I see…」

In other words, the club budget war seems to be a serious battle over the『club budget』which is the activity fund.

「Look at this.」

Saying that, Rose took out a bundle of paper that read『Guideline for Implementation of Club Budget War』.

Detailed rules about the club budget war and the magnification of the club budget given for each rank were written there.

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According to this, the clubs below the sixteenth place get an even budget amount each.

Best Eight is four times that amount, and the fourth place is eight times.

The third place is 16 times, and the second place is 32 times… The first place is 64 times.

「It’s 64 times the difference between the 16th place and the 1st place… Certainly, that is a large amount.」

「Well, if a large club like the swordsmanship club is placed less than 16th place… it would be hell.」

「Well, I suppose…」

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If the swordsmanship club with that many members falls below the 16th place…

Equipment such as wooden swords and armor.