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Uehara-kun’s eyes widened in shock. For some reason, Chiaki’s cheeks dyed red, and after looking back and forth at me and Uehara-kun…

“Um… that, that! I-I have something to take care of, so… um, um, that… g-goodbye—!”

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She suddenly bolted from the room.

I didn’t understand her reaction, so I tilted my head, confused. Uehara-kun, however, was opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish… Suddenly, not caring about his surroundings, he shouted out loud with all his might.

“I can’t let things end like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss!”

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While I was surprised, he immediately rushed back to his seat, picked up his bag, told me “The Gamers Hobby Club is over for today!”, and rushed after Chiaki desperately.

I was still confused about the situation. When I could no longer hear Uehara-kun’s footsteps in the hall, I finally realized what had just happened.

“Ah, damn…! This is definitely that…!”

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Even if I may be oblivious about myself, I have some confidence in recognizing other people’s relationships.

With a gulp, I rested my chin on my clasped hands and mumbled with conviction.

“This is a flag that Uehara-kun and Chiaki’s love is deepening…!”

A girl who blushes and run away, and a boy who shouts “I can’t let things end like this!” and chases after her. I can’t mistake this for anything else, Isn’t this definitely an decisive scene before the ending? Or rather, isn’t this a bad ending?