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Is there a variety of making money online?

He said, and crossed the bridge built by his ability.

Then we started moving to collect the gliders.

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After parting with Bacchus-san,

「I’m very sorry, Allen. My grandfather has caused you trouble.」

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Rose bowed her head, saying so.

「I hope you don’t misunderstand him. He is quite unreasonable, but he is not a bad person at all.」

She said, with a serious expression.

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(She cares a lot about her grandfather.)

Apparently, their relationship is very good.

「Don’t worry about it. I was a little surprised when he suddenly came at me, but… it served as a good experience for me too.」

The 16th legitimate successor of Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style, Bacchus Valencia.

I was able to get a bout with that great swordsman.

On the contrary, I think I was quite lucky.

「Thank you. I’m happy to hear you say that.」

Rose took a breath and smiled softly.