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Sudou seemed a little disappointed, maybe because he was irritated he couldn’t find the girl.

“But even Horikita noticed you for a moment on this occasion?”

Without causing troubles, I took the initiative and acted in the name of the class while having Horikita in mind. A huge step-up.

“I hope so. After all, she couldn’t call me by my first name.”

“Good job, both of you. Thank you for everything this week. You really saved us.”

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Having said words of gratitude, Hirata appeared. He handed me one of the two paper cups he had. A cold sensation crossed my palm when I grabbed it with my hand. He handed Sudou the other one.

“It’s me who should be thankful. You followed me, a classroom’s outsider. Moreover, you covered up the fact that Horikita retired or when I got late for roll calls.”

“I couldn’t condemn you when I heard the reason. Besides, Horikita-san gave us a big information.”

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“Do you believe what she said?”

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“She isn’t a type that would say irresponsible stuff. That’s why you got close, didn’t you?”

This guy would protect a colleague even if he had to gamble his pure reputation.

“I’d be lying if I said there’s no risk, but I have to act for Horikita.”

“That’s my friend,” said Hirata softly. His profile was like that of a phantom. As if there was a non-comprehensive part in our dialogue, Sudou tilted his head.

“Information? What’s that about?”

“I think you’ll figure it out pretty soon. Even so, C class is strange… On a whole other level.”

Due to most of C class’ students retiring during the roll call of the second day, there was no one left in this spot. I couldn’t find Ibuki anywhere on the sandy beach as if she had also retired. Only the bizarre sight of Ryuuen was ahead us.

“Why is he… Why only Ryuuen hasn’t retired?”