Make money online investigation

Make money online investigation

Should he use the macro lens to show the audience the workmanship of the details?

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However, nothing could be seen on the surface. They were all products of modern technology. The quality was very high. It was impossible for the exterior to be rough or uneven.

Chen Yufeng suddenly had a flash of inspiration as he said, “I got it. Why don’t we just dismantle the system? We can dismantle all the sound systems into parts. There will definitely be something inside!”

Ma Yang nodded. “Alright, that’s a good idea! Are there any other details? Let’s think again?”

Chen Yufeng thought hard for a long time. This time, he really could not think of anything.

“Boss Ma, why don’t we ask Boss Chang of Otto Technologies? Let him briefly introduce the details of where this sound system is different from other sound systems. We can tell the audience the truth. This is not against the rules, right?” Chen Yufeng said.

Ma Yang thought for a moment. “That’s fine. We have to do a live-stream tonight. Time is tight, and Boss Pei wants details. I have to ask Chang You.”

“Alright, you don’t have to worry about this. I’ll ask him for it.”

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Ma Yang turned around to make a call. Chen Yufeng immediately changed the script for the live-stream and added the segment of dismantling the sound system. He also arranged for technicians to dismantle all the sound systems to study them first so that they would not have any problems.

Ma Yang returned not long after.

“Alright, Chang You said that he would send us a document in a while. The Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine has all the special functions. We can follow his instructions.”

Chen Yufeng was a little hesitant. “Boss Ma, Otto Technologies seems to be quite straightforward. They probably gave it to us on account of our brotherhood. Should we be more lenient on our livestream?”

Ma Yang glared at him. “How can we do that? We’ll do what we have to. Boss Pei’s Tengda spirit is the truth! Boss Pei repeatedly reminded us to be stricter with our products. How can we make an exception?”