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“I think the club cannot be in the city center because it’ll be too busy and players would not be able to focus. However, the club cannot be in a deserted location with insufficient facilities either, or it would be too inconvenient.

“On top of that, I’ve worked in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Ming Yun Villas branch for a while, and I’m quite familiar with the surroundings.

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“Thus, Ming Yun Villas seemed the most appropriate on the whole!

“What’s more, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe can deliver our meals.”

Pei Qian: “...”

You’ve made so much sense that I have nothing to say in response.

According to Zhang Yuan, Ming Yun Villas seemed like a pretty good location.

Although it would be connected to Ming Yun Private Kitchen, the Esports Club could not possibly collaborate with a restaurant to stab Pei Qian in the back, could it? It wouldn’t make sense!

Furthermore, ever since Ming Yun Villas became famous, all of Ming Yun Villas became known as the gathering place of Jingzhou’s rich and famous. Of course, the property prices skyrocketed. Renting a villa now was bound to cost a lot of money.

It did not seem like a bad thing to be able to spend that much.

Pei Qian nodded. “Hmm, alright. The villa is more expensive than average, but I think it would be well worth it!”

Zhang Yuan cleared his throat and sounded pleased with himself as he said, “Boss Pei, the best part is that it was not more expensive than other places. In fact, it was cheaper! Pei Qian was stunned. “Huh? Why?” Zhang Yuan continued speaking proudly. “After I chose Ming Yun Villas, I made a trip down and spoke to Branch Manager Lin Canrong and Manager Cui. I told them that you

rent a villa to start an esports Club, Boss Pei.

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“Manager Cui was over the moon, and he said that he had to support your business! Although the esports Club would not bring much value to Ming Yun Villas, they remembered the grace that you showed to them in the past! “Still, all the houses in Ming Yun Villas had been sold. Thus, Manager Cui contacted the developers who had bought multiple houses there on our behalf and asked if anyone was willing to rent a villa to us.

“Boss Pei, guess what happened next?”