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I’ve hardly ever been praised by others before. So I was at a loss as to what to say at a time like this.

Then, the back door of the classroom opened when I returned vague replies.

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From there, Ria, dressed in her cosplay costume, walked in.

「T-This is…!」

「D-Dazzling… What destructive power!」

「Oh god, my chest… feels tight…」

While the boys were showing big reactions – without responding to the gazes on her, Ria walked up to me, and

「W-What do you think, Allen…?」

She showed off her cute cosplay, her cheeks dyed scarlet.

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Maid clothes in black one-piece and white apron dress with frills.

It matched Ria’s beautiful blonde hair. A beautiful look, and she was very pretty to say the least.

「I-I think it’s very cute…」

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「I-I see… T-Thank you…」

She laughed shyly.