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“Brother Zuting, why did you go and shoot a web-based game commercial. My world is crashing down!”

“Go and take a look! Many people are teasing you and calling you ‘Zha Zhuti’!”.

“This is breaking my heart. Brother Zuting who has always cherished his image had actually colluded with web-based game companies that are making dirty money!”

“So this is what you meant by collaborating with a game company… you meant a web-based game company…”

Zhang Zuting’s Weibo was taking a hit.

Many of his fans seemed to have a prejudice against web-based games and its related commercials. They all felt that a spokesperson for a web-based game was receiving dirty money and was self-degrading. Hence, they wouldn’t even bother playing the web-based game and had immediately come to protest on Zhang Zuting’s Weibo.

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Zhang Zuting had not yet made any response so far and hadn’t dared to release any new messages. Pei Qian knew that Zhang Zuting was someone who liked to interact with his fans and would also monitor his Weibo account. It was impossible that he hadn’t seen any of these comments yet.

Zhang Zuting must have seen them; he just didn’t know how to reply to them yet.

On one hand was his fans while on the other was his paying master; he couldn’t offend either side.

Furthermore, Boss Pei had even treated him to a meal before.

As the saying went, gifts blinded one’s eyes. As Zhang Zuting had only lost some fans now, he couldn’t possibly begrudge Boss Pei just because of this.

Since Zhang Zuting could not express his bitterness, he could only be a coward and hide for the moment.