Shanghai online part-time money-making date recruitment

Shanghai online part-time money-making date recruitment

“A new game? Are you serious? I didn’t hear any publicity before?”

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“It’s absolutely true. This game is called ‘Fitness Battle’. It’s a mobile game. It has been uploaded onto many platforms. You can find it after searching!”

Qiao Liang was stunned when he saw the discussion in the group.

Tengda did not seem to have promoted any new games recently.

However, these people in the group sent screenshots as they discussed.

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This game, called Fitness Battle, was indeed Shang Yang Games’ work!

From the name, it seemed like a fitness game. That was why many people in the group were slightly disappointed.

What was so fun about that?

In most people’s imaginations, Fitness Battle should be a game similar to fitness simulators or traditional games with fitness packaging, so they were not interested.

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After all, this was the only game in the market that could barely be compared to fitness.

If he had the time to play such games, he might as well get a membership from Deposit Fitness.

After all, if he were to apply for a membership card at Deposit Fitness, he would be able to slim down as long as he persevered. However, would he be able to lose weight if he played this game? He would still be at home. The more he stayed at home, the fatter he would become.

Everyone’s confusion was normal.

That was because their first reaction did not link this game called ‘Fitness Battle’ to the game announced at the smart fitness drying rack!

That was because the game’s name was not mentioned at the news conference, and the promotional page for Fitness Battle did not mention the smart fitness drying rack.