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However, she quickly dispelled that thought. That was because Boss Pei was a very low-profile person to begin with. He had barely accepted to write a script during the interview and did not even want to show his face. This incubation base was kept completely secret and he did not intend to let anyone know.

If Xia Jiang went to interview Boss Pei, she would most likely be rejected. She was not such an insensible person.

“In that case, I’ll apply for more recommendation spots for games related to the ‘Destitution Plan’.”

“‘Black Ink and Clouds’ is about to be released. We can add it to the compilation of ‘classic domestic games’.”

“‘Domestic Classic Games Collection’ seems to be an event with Tengda and the official platform as well? Hmm... the recommendation spots are the best within the scope of authority but I think I can extend the time.”

“But then again, I can’t make the decision. Even if I report it to my colleagues, it’s hard to say if they’ll approve it.”

“Should we... interview someone else?”

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Xia Jiang thought of several ways, but she was only an editor-in-chief after all. Recommendation spots were not within her scope of authority. She could make suggestions, but they might not be approved.

Thus, Xia Jiang felt that she could interview someone else.

It was just like the interview with Tengda previously. It did not give Boss Pei much screen time but the interview with the other employees of Tengda still perfectly brought out the protagonist, Boss Pei!

The question was, who should she interview?

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Xia Jiang also kept the contact details of a few Tengda employees. However, according to what she knew, the old employees that she had interviewed back then had basically been promoted to become department heads. Most of them were no longer working in Tengda Games.

There was nothing much to interview if one wasn’t in the gaming department. After all, the official platform only focused on the game.

Xia Jiang looked through her contacts for a long time and finally decided to call Bao Xu.

He was a veteran of Tengda. He should have a wide network and should understand the situation in the games department. It would be right to look for him.

At that moment, Bao Xu was wearing a safety helmet and inspecting the construction site of the food market with Liang Qingfan.

The renovation work of the entire snack market was in full swing. Liang Qingfan came every day to guide the work.

In fact, Bao Xu was still an employee of the gaming department but he was actually very free to come to the snack market to help out. He could come and go as he pleased.

However, Bao Xu still came here every day. The main reason was that he did not want to leave the impression to his colleagues in the games department that he had nothing better to do. Otherwise, he would be called out to accompany them during the next Outstanding Employee Selection.