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There was probably no way that Horikita could’ve seen it coming before it happened.

But, before she could make even a single sound, Sudō was already up on the table, moments away from throwing himself at Hōsen.

“You motherfucker!!!”

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Sudō had already been doing whatever he could to keep his temper in check before this, but he finally lost all sense of reason due to what had just taken place.

Nobody could blame him for losing his cool, after all, the girl he liked had just been humiliated before his very eyes.

Hōsen, on the other hand, remained as smug and contemptuous as ever.


As Sudō charged at him, bellowing with rage, Horikita called out with a stern voice, drawing him to a stop.

If she had called out even one second later, Sudō’s fist would’ve smashed directly into Hōsen’s cheek.

“Sudō-kun… Don’t fall into his trap so carelessly.”

“I know dammit, but still!”

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Horikita locked eyes with Hōsen without even bothering to dry her wet hair.

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“If you’re displeased with the fact that negotiations have broken down, then perhaps you should’ve conducted yourself a little better.”

Horikita had wanted to establish a cooperative relationship with Hōsen no matter the cost.

And yet, at this point, even she understood the futility of any further discussion.

After a short staredown between the two of them, Horikita turned and looked away, as if to say she had seen everything she needed to.