What are the online part-time money-making software?

What are the online part-time money-making software?

“If the other zones have less traffic, fewer goods would be sold. That would do nothing to boost our revenue.

“The current design leaves those props scattered in the other zones as well. If customers only seek one type of prop, they can purchase it from the other zones. If they want to obtain all four, they could either visit all four zones or get to the golden zone. That would still maintain the golden zone’s superior status.”

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The investors finally understood.

So that was why!

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When put this way, everything made much more sense.

Not only would the golden zone’s superior status be maintained, but customer traffic would not be taken away from the other zones as well. Items that would otherwise be difficult to sell had been made into props in the game. With a symbolic meaning, they would be much easier to sell.

What’s more, those props were neither cheap nor expensive. Most customers would be able to afford them, thus guaranteeing revenue...

Li Shi could not help but raise his thumb. “You really are a genius from the games department. Your hypothesis is perfect!”

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Chen Kangtuo quickly said, “You flatter me. I was just doing my best to analyze Boss Pei’s intentions based on the hints that he dropped.”

On the surface, Chen Kangtuo looked humble. However, inside, he was extremely proud.

Once again, I have resolved Boss Pei’s difficult problem!

I’m so awesome!

The joy that comes from solving Boss Pei’s riddles is really addictive!

While everyone continued their discussions, Pei Qian returned. From afar, he sensed something amiss in the atmosphere.