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“Don’t say it...”

Right away, what I learned from Sadiz today is that even if you don’t remember the past, your body will move naturally due to your ingrained habits.

Feeling that way, Tre’ainar and I went to the sea again.

Author’s Note

500,000 characters are achieved. I am not updating it every day, and the story that started in mid-May has so many characters at the moment, I’m the one who worked hard. Well, rather than trying hard, it means that the author has that much free time... I don’t plan to go out with anyone on holiday...

It will be difficult to make 100 by the end of this year, but I would like to continue, so I look forward to working with you in the future.

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[S1] Give it up Sadiz! You’ll never find his Stash now!! Thank you 【Canonicon】!!!

Translated by: Sads07

『Magical Biotechnology! My cells! And the power of the Great Demon necessary for the vessel! In other words, Jamdi’el’s goal was to bring you and Kron together to have a child, and to make the conceived child the God of the next generation!』

“Wha... What the hell!?”

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The true purpose of the former Six Supremacy, which is unknown to the Allied Forces, the Empire, and the Seven Heroes.

The shocking truth that Tre’ainar deduced is...

“But I can’t understand if it’s too sudden! The explanation so far is too unclear, and I can’t swallow the conclusion!”

『...... I suppose...... I thought so half way through. Even if given a simplified explanation, it will not be transmitted, and nevertheless I will have to give a drawn out explanation...』

“Especially... what was it? Genetic information? Creating someone with similar cells? Is that Kron? ...... not good, I’m hearing so many unknown words for the first time.”