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“Tasuku, you always prioritize others over yourselves, for good or for bad.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

This is what getting a fever on your face feels like. Next, I’m about to hand my important present to the girl I love. I have to show my disgusting jealousy and weak mentality.

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I didn’t know you can be that embarrassing as a guy.

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Facing my utter depression, Aguri continued staring at the sky.

“You’re honest. I- really hate this part of you, Tasuku. Also, I have to be sincere here.”


“-I really love Amanocchi.”


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“For example, if my parents forced me to marry him- I won’t feel pain at all. I think that’s called love.”

“…I see.”

Come to think of it, I guess this is the first time I heard how Aguri thinks of Amano seriously. After all, she always said absolutely no for the surface Amano. That’s why I’m worried.

Then, that’s why, …unexpectedly, I wasn’t shocked at her confession.

I’m even a little bit happy about it.

…What the hell is wrong with me? Am I glad because Aguri opened her heart to me? Or is it because my friend is praised? Either way, I’m just the same-

“Hiya, …Tasuku really considers others before yourself.”

-Once I snapped out of it, Aguri’s looking at me dumbfoundedly. I looked away with a blush, “T-This is embarrassing.”

Aguri teased me and sighed. …Then, she continued as if this is just usual chatter.