How to make money on the kitchen

How to make money on the kitchen

On the other hand, there’s no shortage of people who not only lack strengths, but are littered with weaknesses and stand out in a bad way because of them. Everyone has the potential to grow as a human being, but everyone blossoms at different times, and some are simply limited by their capacity for growth. That was exactly why we had to take advantage of this exam.

Unfortunately, it seems that Kōenji was the only person in the class who was aware of this.

“Stop nagging me Kōenji. I don’t think we need someone like you, and that’s not gonna change.”

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“No matter how incompetent your close friends are?”

“Incompetent… you’re calling my buddies incompetent? You’re full of shit!”

Sudō slammed his fist down on Kōenji’s desk and glared at him fiercely.

“Precisely. In any event, is that all? If this is your decision, do feel free to do as you please, but by then… as far as I can tell, this class will simply remain pathetic and inferior.”

Kōenji calmly combed back his hair, without showing a hint of interest.

His repeated provocations had set Sudō aflame.

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“You half-heartedly-”

“Both of you relax. We should talk this out calmly, right?”

Hirata forced his way in between the two of them.