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The key here was to break this illusion!

Bao Xu pondered for a moment. “First of all, I want to correct something. We don’t work during weekends so we are only one day behind Shang Yang Games. However, your worries are very reasonable. IOI took the first step, indeed with instructions from Boss Pei.”

Xiao Peng did not expect Bao Xu to be so open with him so he was a little shocked. “Then...”

Bao Xu smiled. “Wait for me to finish.

“Boss Pei’s attitude towards GOG and IOI has not changed. It is a tactic of his. Boss Pei firmly believes that competition is everywhere. Flowers in a greenhouse will never be able to survive. They can only have the last laugh after surviving the cruelest of competitions.

“IOI was beaten by GOG to its knees. Boss Pei had to tilt his resources slightly so that they could catch their breath. This is a rather normal and reasonable move.”

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Xiao Peng nodded. It might not have answered his question, but such open and honest communication allowed him to have more trust in Bao Xu. It would have appeared too fake if Bao Xu were to say that Boss Pei was definitely on GOG’s side.

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Bao Xu continued. “But, think about it, what is the greatest help Boss Pei can give to a department?

“Is it money? Of course not!

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“Boss Pei treats the departments equally, no matter whether they are loss-making or profit-making. Boss Pei had been throwing in money no matter which it belonged to.

“The best thing that Boss Pei can do for a department is to give guidance for the future!

“There is no need to mention which one of us, GOG and IOI, is in Boss Pei’s view for the future, right?” Xiao Peng’s eyes widened slightly, showing a dazed expression.

“That’s it! I’m really baffled, being on the spot. Actually, I did realize this previously. DGE Esports Club is all GOG projects; there is no IOI in sight. This means that Boss Pei must have a place for GOG in his future!

“It’s just that Shang Yang Games came and promised that they obtained more resources from Boss Pei and obtained the support of Boss Pei, it sounded really believable...

“That was why I questioned my judgment.”

Bao Xu laughed. “It’s inevitable that such speech is used in the competitive business setting. This is normal since all is fair in business. Moreover, strictly speaking, they did not lie either. It is normal for Boss Pei to create rivalry and to give them more resources.” “But that... did not represent Boss Pei’s true thoughts; neither did that mean that Boss Pei was going to give up on GOG and fully promote IOI. Shang Yang Games was just trying to use chicken feathers as arrows and deliberately exaggerated Boss Pei’s intentions.”

Xiao Peng nodded and said with a firmer tone, “Understood! Everything makes sense this way.”

“Then... What should the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe do now?”