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“Boss Pei’s goal is so vicious!”

“FV Team is his team. In a very short period of time, he pushed FV Team from a domestic second-tier team to the world champion and snatched the first championship in IOI’s global finals. This is a rather memorable honor for Boss Pei.”

“But he obviously wants more than that.”

“The reason why he created such a set of champion skins was to firmly combine this set of champion skins with Modest’s image. In the future, when IOI players see the champion skins, they would naturally think of Modest, and then think of GOG and Tengda Corporation!”

“This is a breaking point. It will subtly make IOI players recognize, accept GOG, and gradually eat away at our group of players...”

“This is all Boss Pei’s plot. It has nothing to do with my skin promotional plan!”

Everyone nodded and looked enlightened after hearing Zhao Xuming.

Boss Pei was indeed vicious!

So this plot had been planned since FV Team won the championship?

Now, it seemed like Boss Pei’s plan was indeed seamless. Not only did he deceive everyone in Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation, but he also deceived the players.

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It was only when the champion’s skin officially began to be advertised and the boat was already in the river that the dagger was revealed. A single sword to kill!

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It was too late for Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation to regret now.

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Even if they were to re-create the champion’s skin now, it would be useless. Their situation might even be worse.

The players would still link this champion skin with Modest. What’s more, if they were to redo it, it would be equivalent to Boss Pei winning once again. They would be able to watch Finger Games become a laughing stock twice.