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“Eh? GOM?”

“It’s nothing, that’s-“

I quickly tried to take my phone back. However, perhaps it’s because I’ve been lying down to see the starry sky up until a moment ago, I felt dizzy from standing up too fast, and I missed. Although I quickly recovered from it, Keita’s already- finished reading the text shown on the GOM Search screen.

“…Hmm? It says that the player you’re cooperating with is Tsucchi…? Eh?”

“Hiya! It’s not, well, uh, that’s…”

Keita raised his head from the screen with an unbelievable look. As for me, …I first robbed my phone back from his hand before freaking out and looking away.

T-Think about this…I need to think about this as quickly as possible! I’m the best at overcoming difficult situations like this, yes!

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…Uh, uh, uh…!

Yes, let’s go with that!

As usual, I quickly thought of a good idea and told him immediately.

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“T-This is Konoha’s phone. S-She requested me…”

“Eh? It’s Konoha-san’s request? Getting this boss from the multiplayer battle?”

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“Yes! Jeez, K-Konoha’s undoubtedly a headache, though! I can’t believe she asked her sister to run errands for her just because she got her own schedule…”

Just as I’m saying that with a smug face, I suddenly realized…Keita’s face is decorated with a bright smile.

He’s mumbling as if he’s delighted to the bottom of his heart.

“R-Really. Konoha-san still remembers…this boss.”


At the moment that I saw his smile.

I feel like something has been lifted off my chest.