What are the online profit?

What are the online profit?

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Pei Qian could not ask them to give up completely. After all, most of their research results were in this field. It would be too ridiculous to ask them to give up completely.

However, he could not continue digging into this field. It would be too easy for something to happen.

It would be best if they only invested a small portion of their manpower in research. They could just fool them and make them look good. They could not use too much force to achieve any great results.

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Shen Renjie was stunned. “Huh?”

Previously, he had told Boss Pei that he wanted to determine the main research direction of the laboratory. He meant that he wanted to choose a fine area in the current field as the focus of strength.

He had not considered anything else!

That was because the laboratory had too little accumulation in other aspects. What’s more, the research and development difficulty was high, and it was not easy to produce results. It would be very easy for all to become naught.

Looking at Shen Renjie and Jiang Yuan’s stunned expressions, Pei Qian knew that it was time for him to use his speech escape technique.

His expression immediately became serious. “There are two very fatal problems in the field of research.”

“First, homogeneity is very serious. It has no effect on differentiating competition.”

“Let’s not talk about anything else. How many companies and laboratories in the country are researching this direction? Almost all cell phone manufacturers are working on their own artificial intelligence assistants, not to mention the lead that is Xunke Technologies.”

“What’s the point of fighting them to the death in this field?”